So What?

In my pursuit of a career in healthcare to understand and help the aging Cambodian refugee population, this is a question that I dread, but must answer for myself.

‘So What?’

‘Why does this matter?’

  1. Cambodians Americans have poor health status (RAND Corporation)
  2. “California has very few physicians of Samoan, Cambodian, and Hmong/Laotian ethnicity, and these ethnic groups should also be recognized as underrepresented in medicine and more actively recruited into the profession.”(California Medical Board)
  3. Cambodian Americans are aggregated into the large Asian categories which distort the realities of diverse ethnic groups (Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health)
  4. Second and third generation Cambodian Americans are losing the ability to speak Khmer (Wayne Wright, my Kindergarten teacher!!)
  5. Expectations aging parents differ greatly than they do in the United States. (New York Times)
  6. PTSD Symptoms present as people age. (Boston Globe)
  7. As decedents of survivors come to adulthood, it’s up to us to address how to carry on our family’s legacy.

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