Caffeine Reset

UPDATE 7/30: I couldn’t last a couple days, my headaches were bad, I was unfocused and miserable. I’m back on caffeine. In hindsight, I would have tapered off drinking half of what I normally drink until I hit zero. That’s something for me to consider whenever I have time off again, whenever that may be.

As I set to begin my clinical rotations next week, I’ve decided that I could use a coffee reset.

Caffeine withdrawal is actually listed in the DSM V and I may experience some of the symptoms:

According to DSM-5, symptoms of caffeine withdrawal include fatigue, headache and difficulty focusing.

The reasoning behind my motivation to reset is to reduce the amount of coffee I think I “need” but also enjoy each taste of the cup of coffee I enjoy each day. Because I’ve been drinking coffee once a day for the last 12 years of my life, it’s been challenging to go a day or two without it.